How to get over that rejected feeling when someone dislikes you?

I know it's impossible for everyone to like you and even though I understand this I still feel kinda rejected and awkward when I am around someone that dislikes me. I eventually start to dislike the individual back and I eventually make a mountain out of a mole hill emotionally. Does anyone have any advice on how to mentally arm myself when I am around these people, so that I am not bothered by their presence or even take things personally. I was thinking of being more mindful in these situations? Does anyone have other tips they could share?


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  • This can be very awkward, which leads to more self-consciousness which worsens the situation. I don't like when outside circumstances control me. Anytime I find myself becoming too self-conscious I strive to be myself. In a situation where someone doesn't like me, this means I do my best to give them no reason to dislike me. I am civil and respectful (if not warm). I may even offer help if that's appropriate. It's not a matter of pretending to be nice; rather it's a matter of rising above the personal junk we all carry.

    In frequent contact situations (such as with work colleagues) this may even warm them up to you. Although this often takes time and perseverance. In any case it tends to disarm the other person. They really don't know how to respond when you don't dislike them back. And even if it changes nothing with the other person, that doesn't matter because it's now their problem. You did all anyone could hope to do to diffuse whatever is going on with them so why worry further about it?


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  • Just think of yourself as a fruit,
    you won't be everyone's type or taste.
    Some people won't even try that fruit,
    before they begin to turn up their face
    and say how much they dislike it.
    Not everyone will give you a chance.
    You must understand that is okay.

    The problem isn't that people dislike you.
    It's how you are dealing with that dislike.
    Don't dwell on it.
    When you feel yourself getting upset, try to shift your mind into more positive thoughts.
    You have to train yourself to be this way, It won't come easy because we all want to be liked, we all want to be everyones type.

    But you must understand that is not realistic.
    Even the person parading around that seems to have the most friends, has those who dislike them too.
    This is the circle of life, it is natural, you are human.
    When you understand that it's okay, and there's nothing wrong with YOU, then you will come to terms with it and be able to carry on.

    <3 Best wishes

    • Thanks!! I know that everyone won't like my energy and I understand that. I like the idea of shifting my ideas to something pleasant, is there anything you particularly think about that helps you?

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    • No problem <3 Best wishes!!

    • Thanks for mho :)

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  • 1. Exercise self-love and compassion
    2. Don't be defined by what they dislike you for. They dislike you because you have something they want

    • I definitely try to practice self love and self compassion, albeit I could be better at it but practice makes perfect.

      But, what I am asking is that I know when someone dislikes me for no apparent reason, it's more to do with them than me but it's that awkward feeling when I am around them that I need to shake.

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    • Tell yourself that their dislike is a reflection on them, not you. You cannot be shaped by their opinion of you

    • Thank you!! I meant more along the lines of shifting my thoughts to something else so I don't dwell on the idea that they dislike me. I know that not everyone is going to love my energy and I know that it has more to do with them than me.