Really confused?

I'm in 7th grade. A few months ago This girl in one of my classes we both said that we like each other. But we decided to stay friends. We still hug though.

I have been dating this girl in 8th grade for a month now. We have kissed on the lips already.

there's this his girl in my homeroom that I have liked for a few months now and still do. Yesterday over Instagram I told her that I liked her and she said that she likes me too. I asked her if we could stay friends and she said yes.

I am really confused on what I should do now.

I want to break up with the 8th grader but I don't want to hurt her feelings. I'm just not ready for a relationship yet.


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  • If you're in seventh grade, your concerns should be things like Legos or the latest CoD installment.

    Kids grow up too goddamn fast. Take it from someone who mostly wasted his childhood - you should enjoy being a kid while you are one, and leave the stress of relationships for later. You'll either end up miserable or an immature manchild later on if you worry about these things now.

  • Break up move on.