What kind of person would you imagine with the following names?

Example: I would imagine a Morgan to be the type of girl who always has her hair braided, and has a resting bitch face.

The names;


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  • Desteny: A kind, short girl, with wavy black hair. Desteny loves music, and she is a great singer. She is kind of weird though, she must have got it from her parents, who gave her the oddly spelled name.

    Jessica: Jessica is the girl who always is on snapchat and instagram. She uses loads of emojis with every message. She has braces, and she is weird, but in the way that makes you popular. She acts like she is dumb, and she also is in the choir, but everyone secretly wishes she would quit.

    Calum: Calum is a short, nerdy, smelly young man. He has social issues, and has trouble making friends outside his local Magic: The Gathering club. He is never seen without his gaming headset, and a bottle of Mountain Dew. He loves watching Markiplier on YouTube. He tries to make friends, but can't because he showers once a week.

    Luke: Luke is one of those guys who is muscular without touching a weight in his life. Luke has played baseball since he was 5, and football since he was 10. At 6'3", the girls are all over him, even though he tends to have 4 or 5 girlfriends at a time. Calum cries every night wishing he could be like Luke. Calum could probably beat Luke in Madden though.

  • Desteny: Must be dumb, since neither of her parents could spell

    Jessica: Social media, pumpkin spice lattes, constantly shopping, stereotypical white girl with stereotypical white girl name.

    Calum: Who the fuck names their kid Calum?

    Luke: Fuckboy with gelled-up hair who wears athletic clothes all the time


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  • luke <3

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