Do daydreams come true?

Have you have you had a daydream that actually came true. I'm lying in my bed right now daydream about this man I like. I daydream about him coming to visit my house, while I cook for him and we watch movies and make love all night. Then the next day we go to an amusement park together.

I've never had anything like that before and I'll be 25 in two days.


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  • Not for me, nope. But I have had daydreams where I sorta *made* them true afterwards. They usually don't play out like in the dream exactly, with some interesting twists and turns (she doesn't like something I thought she would in the dream, e. g.).

    Mostly I don't believe in prophecy type things. But you can kind of act on these thoughts and fantasies and try to make them semi-real.

  • I daydream too. I dream about how she lies in her bed naked and I come home and she cooks for me in her sexy apron and then we have to watch these stupid movies until finally she wants to bang all night. Then the next day she wakes me up and I just want to sleep and then she is excited about something so I think maybe its sex, but then she says we have go to an amusement park. Lol

    • Lmfao 😂 I hate u. Okay. We can do whatever he wants. Don't men like going out with their girls? I don't mind staying home but I want a little adventure.

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    • Go to the beach. See the sites. Sporting activities like ice skating or something. Then maybe dancing at the club or have a quiet dinner and lay under the stars.

    • Awe... Why don't guys ever admit to this? I'm gonna take my boyfriend to do all these things.

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