What's the worst punishment?

Say you lose a bet to the person of the opposite sex you hate the most, and you have to choose one of these as a punishment, which would you absolutely not choose to ever do? Like what's the worst one? Explain why. Aslo what's the least-worst.

  • French kiss their bare ass everyday for 30 minutes for a year.
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  • French kiss the soles of their feet, uncleaned, everyday for 30 minutes a year
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  • Let them use your face as their personal footrest everyday for 1 hour, for 3 years.
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  • Massage their feet whenever they'd like for life.
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  • Make out with them whenever they'd like, and it's never enjoyable for you, and is to them, for life.
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  • Give oral everyday for a week, and it's unpleasant down there.
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  • Let them pee into your mouth once a day for a month, and you have to gurgle on demand
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  • You did a good job balancing out the timelines for each so that they're all roughly equally awful...

    I can't imagine doing any of the "for life" ones though.
    Imagine your husband telling you "sorry honey I made a bet with her 15 years ago so I have to go make out with her".

    • Yep. The makeout one is basically be in a relationship with them against your will.
      And he massage one turns you into their personal masseuse. Lol.

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  • @Asker... OMG! you are wicked... lol


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  • Definitely the last option. Hell no to that.

    • What's the least worst one for you? Like the one you'd do if you had to do one of these?

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    • I can handle all kinds of nasty smells. Dirty feet can't be too bad.

    • Yea I guess. Lol.
      But it's also for 3 years and an hour everyday.

  • WTF ! I don't like your options :P

  • Ill take F, because it's only for a week.

    • Yea but the main question is: What's the worst one?

    • Definitely the urination

    • Yea. Definitely very gross.

  • Urine once per day, that's worse than death.

  • I was going to say stick your tounge in their butt and french kiss it but i think id actually like doing that to a girl. wouldn't be much of a punishment for me... id actually be happy to

    • Also, that's not up there. XD.
      It's also with someone you hate. They're all give or take sexual, but it's no one you'd want to do it for.

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    • oh man..
      i would probably pass out but atleat i had someone sit on me xD

    • Lol.

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