Have you ever thought about drinking your SO's pee or having them drink your pee during sex?

Have you ever or would you ever drink your girlfriend's or boyfriend's pee (given that you can trust each other and that you're in a happy, intimate relationship) during sex? Or would you let your SO drink your pee during sex if he/she wanted to do it?

  • Yes, I have drunk my SO's pee during sex in the past
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  • Yes, I have let my SO drink my pee during sex in the past
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  • Yes, I have done both (active and passive)
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  • No, I haven't done either but I would like to try the active part with my SO (drinking)
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  • No, I haven't done either but I would like to try the passive part with my SO (peeing)
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  • No, I haven't done either and I don't want to do any of it.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think if that was even brought up I would consider breaking it off. That's just too disgusting to even think about let alone think someone would like that.

    • So you break up a 10 year relationship just because your boyfriend has a sex fantasy you don't approve of?

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    • What's disgusting about pee? It comes out of you every day. You even drank your own pee when you were in your mother's womb (like everyone else). It's sterile. It's like drinking warm, salted water.

    • That's cool, but I sure as hell am not going to volunteer to drink it now.

Most Helpful Guy

  • What the Hell did I just read


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What Girls Said 2

  • No, urine is not a turn on for me, quite the opposite. I dated a guy into watersports but I am just not in to that.

  • I get discouraged from dating when reading how out there men's sexual desires are.

    • There are men and women who are into this. Besides, how is it worse from say, a rape fantasy?

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    • I love it.. Never drank it but I probably would... I love her to pee in my face n mouth n her let me pee in her face n mouth.

    • Honey, I'm a woman and I'd gladly drink my partner's piss and all the other things imaginable to do with that.

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