Atheists: How do you think Theists (and yourself) believe Prayer Works?

I've heard so many odd presumptions that i think i want to see this from a larger sample size.

I've heard many atheists proclaim that people think prayer works like a genie wish whenever you want something

To clarify more simply

I'm asking HOW you believe theists believe prayer works


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  • I assume the experience is different for different people and religions.

    • That wasn't the question

    • I think I answered it. I think the experience varies for people and by religion. To be more specific I think it could involve the act of reflecting upon yourself, reciting something, ritual, visualization, or talking to a god. For each person and religion I believe the experience may involve different steps.

      Do I think it "works" though. No. That's the point of being an Atheist. I do think it has some value though, meditation and taking a moment to reflect quietly is good for mental and emotional health. Religion and spirituality can offer a community to be apart of which is good for some. It just doesn't work for me or what I believe.

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  • I don't think prayers work, that's why I don't pray. An that's why I'm an atheist! :P

    • That wasn't the question. . i asked how you think believers think it works

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    • Yes, I read. I can't get into a believer's mind and find out what they think about prayers. Sorry about that.

    • Again i never asked that. ..

      I'll requote the question

      "Atheists: How do you "THINK" Theists believe Prayer Works?

      EMPHASIS on think. Think means your idea. Surely you can't be an atheist without thinking. .. i wonder if you classify yourself as a free thinker.

      I asked what you think not what you know

  • It worked in the 1986 World Series Game 6 for the Mets.

    • Not the question

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    • Which would be a good answer if i actually asked about prayer working which i didn't.

      I never asked whether you think it works or not. ..

      I asked HOW you think believers think it works

    • That's practically a stupid question... Like "What animal wears a cowbell?"

      Prayer is no different than any other request. You make the request and it is either granted or not. I prayed for the Mets to win in 1986 and they did in miraculous fashion. In the 1990s, I prayed to get back together with my ex- girlfriend. That didn't happen and that was vastly more important than the Mets winning. So, pardon me if I answer your question like this:
      Q: Atheists: How do you think Theists (and yourself) believe Prayer Works?
      A: Not very reliably.

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