What do I pack?

So my mum has just asked me if I could stay at my dads until we can sell the house and move (I really really don't like my dad!) so I have agreed -_- *sigh*
But I was told not to pack to much, just what I need for school and clothes, etc.
But what do I pack? I will be staying there for 2 months up to possibly even a year, depends how long it takes to sell the place. Truthfully I hate the idea of going back to dads and moving but I will be going to my old school and I will be able to join sea cadets again :)
What sould I pack? And what should I leave behind?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Things you need to use for a year. Namely, everything that you don't use or never opened stays. That giant book you never read? It stays. The cute pink dress you would never be caught dead in? It stays.

    In general, everything that you use but not decorations. Clothes, laptops, teddy bears, all fair game.


What Girls Said 1

  • Clothes, underwear socks etc. Sleeping clothes, toiletries, shampoo/condition, hair tools, school work, some books, laptop if you have, if its winter, leave your summer things behind and vice versa!