Can someone pls tell me how to make an attractive and good powerpoint ever?

i have to present this work at school with powerpoint. powerpoint counts for points


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  • If you are being marked on this make it easy to read. You don't want the design so complicated it is hard to read when it is being displayed. Also make sure you use easy to read fonts and the size is big enough that an audience can read it easy. Another thing is don't put too much text on it. People will not read a wall of text. Keep the text on it like points that you talk about in more detial.


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  • - Use an easy to read font. A sans serif font is preferred over serif typically. For example, use Arial over Times New Roman.
    - Use a darker text over a lighter background. This doesn't mean the back needs to be white and the font needs to be black, though.
    - If you're using themed backgrounds, make sure they are basic and not cluttered or overwhelming-looking.
    - When using photos, use one per slide and make sure it doesn't cover up the text.
    - Use the 5x5 rule: No more than five lines on a slide with each line being five words or less. You can get away with a little more usually, but this helps each page be easier to read and not look so cluttered.
    - Do not go crazy with the slide animations. A few here and there is fine, but each letter does not need to fly in on its own for example.


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  • You can use ready-made template. For example from they have many categories and professional design. You can try to run at Free PowerPoint Templates (Powerpoint) to learn how to use and modify them in a test-drive mode. And then, if you liked, you can go ahead and purchase your chosen PPT template.


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