Why can't my ex stop getting into my dreams?

So, basically I'm not sure if it's my ex best

friend was pretending to be him or he actually

did love me. Or it was both. Now I got over

him a long time ago. I neither don't sit and

think about him do I miss him. I woke up all

confused and realized I had a dream of him in

first time in a while.. Please don't tell me "

when you dream about them it means their
thinking of you" crap. Well it happened with

one of my close friend that liked me. But still I don't know?


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  • Dreams are the brain releasing information. Some people take meaning from them and some don't.

    • So you mean, it's still process of deleting things? Like memories?

    • The brain is complex. It is processing information from your long term memory and projecting it into a dream. It could be sorting memories or deleting them.

    • Most likely deleting them, since I don't think about it.