Girls, Good week so far or bad?

Just curious!


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  • Was amazing! My moms getting her first home, I passed two tests for my diploma.. two more to go. Taking my drivers test tomorrow. Now due to my cat possibly having kidney failure and will be put to sleep.. and my grandma and grandpas funeral is Monday.. my week went from perfect to bad now..

  • its good!
    Yesterday was pretty rough but my boyfriend just invited me to his military ball coming up and I'm really excited to go dress shopping! :)

    • Nothing better than taking a beautiful woman to a military ball. I always loved it.

    • @Dubhlann im really excited! It's our second one. But it's the first one at his base. The other one was with ROTC.

    • I loved the ritual of it all. Everything has a meaning... a purpose.

What Guys Said 1

  • It's strange that you ask this question only to girls, yet allow guys to reply as well! So I'll take the liberty of answering! :P

    My week has been pretty good so far! :)