(iphone problems, PLEASE HELP) A grey icon that says "waiting" for 3 days?

Hey, so I dont know where else to turn to and hopefully there are people here that can help me with this one. So iv'e tried to download apps and update the apps that i already have on my iphone but it doesn't work, there's just a grey icon that ways "waiting" and nothing happens. It's been like this for 3 days and yes iv'e turned on and off my phone several times, iv'e waited until my phone shuts off bcs low battery, I've tried connecting to itunes but everytime i go to apps my computer stops working. I really dont know what to do. I tried to ask this question on apple support but i dont know where or how to write a question there so i turned to this (sorry). Oh and i also tried deleting the grey icon but nothing happens.
(I have a Iphone 5s, IOS 9.2.1, i have 2,5 GB available out of 12,5 GB)
What should i do? has this only happened to me? This happened right after i upgraded to IOS 9.2.1. PLEASE HELP
also i dont know if this has any connection to the others but i dont get any notifications. for example I opened snap after 2 days thinking wow everyone has ignored me for days and then saw that i had got snaps and they thought i was ignoring them.
gosh i really hate apple products.


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