Paranormal experience?

I love this topic. I do believe in spirits/ghots.

Have you ever had some freaky paranormal event happen to you? please tell!


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  • I have a lot.

    First: I live in a haunted town. There was a battle here so there was a lot of death. My last job was at the visitor center and we had a ghost that would throw merchandise off the shelves. It especially hated a certain bust we sold, it ended up on the floor a lot.

    My grandmother's house is haunted too. My mom told me stories about the things that happened when she was growing up. It would stand in her doorway or sit on her while she was sleeping, mess with their dog, turn the tv and lights off, and spray perfume in my mom's room. The only bad thing that she encountered is heavy breathing in her face when she attempted to come home one day.

    My youngest sister also heard the heavy breathing in the bathroom. She was afraid to use the bathroom alone for a month.

    And lastly my other younger sister and I believe we saw the ghost when we were very small.


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  • When I was about 2 years old (few of the memories I have from my childhood) we lived in a street called "Devil's Road". In that house, we'd hear footsteps at night, TVs turning on and off, and crashing plates in the kitchen. Mom also claimed I used to "see spirits" (defending herself with the 'babies see more stuff' argument) but I have no memory of that.

    We left the house within 2 weeks.

    Regardless, I still do not believe in spirits/ghosts.

  • What inspires your belief of the paranormal?

    In other words what premises make up the foundation of your belief, what reason lead you to believe ghost r plausible.

    • I've had a few experiences. Plants flying off shelves (We're talking flying off with force) talking, doors slamming, cabinets opening on their own (with no airdrafts) heavy boot steps, knocking on walls, shadows moving etc.
      I've also seen a shadow person standing in my sisters doorway.

      Since I'm somewhat very critical about these things, I always examine the rooms where it happende (was the window open, was the shelve put up wrong etc.)

    • Ok so it seems to be grounded in empirical observations you've made. However how can we be certain these experiences r not simply hallucination or misinterpretation. Which seems much more plausible than some form of intangible entity affecting a physical world. How for instance would a ghost produce words? By what means, and in what realm can entity not exist but still affect a reality?

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