Why do people assume that 'monsters' don't exist, read the description before you comment?

Okay I'm going to describe a situation right now.
You are hiking in north america.
You come across a monster that attacks you.
You draw the glock you carry on you and you manage to shoot the creature five times out the seventeen shots you fired.
However it isn't enough stop the creature and it mauls you to death and eats your corpse before it succumbs to its wounds days later.
Now I'm going to have you guess what that creature was.

If your answer was Grizzly Bear, you are correct.
Grizzlies can take multiple lower caliber rounds from a gun and still come at you.
They are strong enough to break your back with one swipe.
So while yes they are just animals, thats pretty monsterous in itself.
Another instance would be gustave.
A maneating crocodile thats responsible for 300 deaths.
"Gustave is also known for the three bullet scars on his body. His right shoulder blade was also found to be deeply wounded."
This may be an animal but it acts like the living embodyment of hatred.
He doesn't even always eat his kills
We thought he was dead after he hadn't been seen for a while, then he pops out of the water drags a fisherman out of his canoe and just holds him there until he drowns.
He didn't even eat that man. Again, thats a mankilling croc thats estimated to weigh around a ton and be around twenty feet long.
He may be just an animal but he is also a monster in a way.

What I guess I'm pointing out is that monsters do exist, they just don't take the forms we wanted


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  • Polar bears are THE WORST.

    • They can take even more punishment than a grizzly and view humans as another prey species so no argument there

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  • what was the point of all of that?

    • I got annoyed at people in my class claiming that monsters don't exist.
      The point is they do

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    • No it was to point out that animals even though they may be real also may be monsters.
      look at gustave

    • monsters are described as a biological creature with unnatural defects. an animal that kills people isn't a monster in it's definition because it naturally exists.

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