Meeting with someone I haven't seen in 4 years this Saturday.. how to make things not awkward?

I met her in 6th grade. Had a major crush on her in 7th and 8th grade. She didn't know at first and I never said it but I think she figured it out eventually (after we graduated). Was a major asshole to her sometimes for some reason. Anyway after we graduated middle school we never saw each other again. I hadn't talk to her since sophomore year, but she text me out of the blue in December and we've been talking pretty regularly since then. We decided to meet up this Saturday. Its not supposed to be a date, she has a boyfriend she's been dating for close to 4 years and I respect that, it's just supposed to be a fun outing so we can catch up. How we haven't seen each other in 4 years, and have done a lot of growing & changing since then, and even though we were good friends in middle school I don't want things to be awkward when we finally see each other. She mentioned she may be a little shy at first. I was thinking about going to a planeterium (its in a childrens museum, does that make it lame?), after that the museum of contemporary art, and after that maybe grab a snack then walk along the canal (depending on the weather). Does anyone else have any better suggestions? I don't want her to be bored & not want to hang out with me again.


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  • Say something outrageous too both clear the air and break any tension.

    As you have not seen them for a while, you could comment something like this.

    You still look really horny.


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