I can't turn off my mind? (Part 2)?

This is going to be ridiculous. Someone is definitely going to tell me to get help, maybe check myself into a hospital. Something rude anyway. But whatever.
I think way too much. I make up scenarios inside my head and i start to believe them. It makes me go crazy. Sometimes I can't handle it i'll just start crying. I'm really paranoid about everything: My boyfriend is cheating on me, people are constantly judging me etc. I get anxiety when this begins to happen. I have to constantly reassure myself that i'm fine. I'm terrfied of being alone (but i'm sure everyone feels that way) I take on too much responsibility and dont let anyone help me, even though if i really need it, THAT drives me mad too. I'm scared of being sad all of the time (even tho about 80% of the time thats what i am) because I dont want my boyfriend to get sick of it and leave me. I beat myself up over the littliest things. If I dont get something done fast enough or the way i wanted i start to feel like i can't breathe and my hands get clammy. My heart feels broken for a reason unknown. I feel like I'm going crazy and I wonder if i'll ever be normal. How can i shut my mind off? How can I keep from thinking negative things about life, myself and basically everyhting in general? I'm so exhausted... Please.


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  • I don't think it's rude to tell ya you might need medication. Which works if you're correctly diagnosed. Soooo... see a doctor, ok?


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