I like a girl but she's not my type?

this girl is super nice and smart, a great person but i dont think she's hot what do i do?


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  • Don't do anything. I don't think it's fair to do anything if she doesn't attract you. I know I couldn't do it if it was the other way around. Unless you feel like you have some feelings for her. Then, it's another story.
    Do you just like her as a friend, as a nice and smart person you like to spend time with or do you feel like there is more to it?

    • I feel like she flirts with me but other than that I wouldn't say there's anything other than friendship

    • Okay so let it be. If one day you feel attracted to her in more ways, flirt back. But you like her as a friend and she's cool and all so I don't think you'd like to hurt her

  • Hot is more like sex appeal.

    Do you generally find her attractive?

    Attraction is something that can grow it doesn't automatically happen with everyone immediately.

    • She's right. I've become attracted to women that I never thought I would once I got to know them and liked their personality.

  • let your feelings decide. i think if you like her, go for her! love isnĀ“t definded by looks


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