Michael kors or calvin klein handbags?

which brand do girls like more and which is more high end?

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  • in my opinion I feel like a classic Calvin Klein bag would be a better investment. Only because I feel like the Michael Kors bags are a bit of a fad. Remember a few years ago when Louis Vutton was pretty big? You never really see people rocking LV much anymore.

    I feel like Calvin Klein is more understated and classic. They've been around for a long time and popular for a while so it's not going to go out of style as quickly. I guess it really comes down to your gf's taste. I would try and get some hints from friends and family as to what she would prefer.

    I think buying her an expensive bag is a really nice gift.

  • I've never seen a CK handbag in my life. WHAT AM I MISSING?
    MK is so nice though. better than LV i reckon.


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