Girls, Would you consider hugging flirting if you have a boyfriend?

I just started to date this guy and yet there are still guys hugging me. Would be considered flirting if I hugged they guy back? I really just think it would be a friendly hug but my boyfriend know that I'm a little more popular than him and everybody wants to either just hug me or even just say hi.

All these boys that hug me I have either dated or they want to date me. They also won't back away even if I have a boyfriend and I don't understand that at all because they won't leave me alone.


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  • Hugs can be platonic. You just have to make sure that your boyfriend knows you don't mean to make him jealous or flirt.

    • So do you think I should just stop hugging the other guys

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    • How should I tell my boyfriend that I'm or flirting with them? He knows that a lot of guys like me and that I'm pretty popular when it comes to guys.

    • You just have to tell him straight that you aren't meaning anything in a flirty way.

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