For the people out there who used to have acne or no way to get rid of it care to share :D?

God Bless lol


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  • I'm assuming you want tips to help get rid of it?

    I use medicated acne pads, they work pretty well. I have another thing helping me but since you're a guy it won't really apply to you😁


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  • Believe it or not I used to have such bad acne that I was considered... ugly. I was even made fun of for it (suck it look at me nao bi tches!!!) In any case, try exfoliating your skin or using alchohol wipes of some sort. Drink lots of water to promote skin cell growth and do not, I repeat DO NOT FUK ING POP YOUR PIMPLES!!! You'll regret it bruh.

    • Dont pop? LOL you want to leave the whiteheads :(

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    • Oh okay i hardly get whiteheads anyways but when i do i'll be sure to take consideration thanks !

    • Yeah no problemo bro.

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  • I used to had huge acne people felt sorry on me back years ago around 19-22

    • at least its gone now for you :D ! Its not terrible... but i just want to prevent it from happening ! lol

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  • If you are still having problems at your age, go see a dermatologist. Everyone gets acne from time to time but if it is bad enough to be a problem still, you need a professional's help.