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what are your thoughts on wanting to date my high school teacher, i am graduated and 19 but do you think it'll work? if so how do i start to talk to him or get a conversation started, my boyfriend dumped me a whiiile ago, should i ask him about guys in general but for a man's view?

what can i say to him to start things slow but show i like him a little.


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  • You're out of school and of age. Why not? Just go up to him and tell him that you're interested in him... OUTSIDE of school.


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  • Go for it dude

  • So you've finished at that school? How old is he?

    • yes, no cluee ];

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    • Go for it. But like Araya said, outside of school

    • of course i have his email but that i asked him to be my reference he gave me his real number isn't of the one at his desk but im sure that doesn't mean anything

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