Guys, Does it annoy you when people litter?

I was at the bus stop at 8pm last night after work and I just went across the road to get some KFC.. there was some 14 year old kid waiting for his bus eating some sweets and I saw him drop the wrapper on the floor. There was a bin about 4 meters from him. I just said to him "there's literally a bin right there.. pick it up."

He looked at me for about 3 seconds and then did it.. I think I kinda intimidated him.

He picked it up put it in the bin looked at me and said "sorry"

I said: "don't apologize to me mate, just don't be an idiot and litter, especially when there's a bin about 3 feet from you"

My bus came and I got on I said "look after yourself dude" He smiled and said "thanks"

Hopefully he learnt his lesson.. 😂

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  • Be very careful! At 14 he could be a cider and hormone-crazed chav and see your attempt at controlling him as a threat best answered by sticking his mother's kitchen knife in your face.

    People don't litter much here in Canada, and I've seen people (especially in parks) pick up litter as they pass it and put it into the bins.

    • Canada is full of such good hearted people!
      Yeah, he didn't seem chavy, just quiet tbh. 😂
      Fucking hate chavs though!

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  • Nah I don't litter and I'll pick litter up if there is a trashcan nearby since I don't exactly want to be carrying peoples nasty trash around with me.

  • It's one of my biggest pet peeves... I'm sure he's learnt his lesson, good on you.

  • I have a dash cam and have reported people before for littering with the evidence to back it up.

  • same is the case with me

  • lol I love the way you handled that. Good on ya mate