Do you ever wonder about God for a second?

Two stories that make me think: when my mom was 15 her dad, Daniel, passed away of lung cancer. My mom said when he died, she couldn't cry, even at the funeral. A few days later her and my grandma and aunt decided to go to the mall to cheer up.

She said whenever they used to go, her and her dad would wait outside the stores because they didn't like shopping. So that day she sat on the bench and she said she looked over where her dad usually was and realized he wasn't there and as soon as she did this song came on the radio:


"Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye
God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes.. Lord I miss Daniel, oh I miss him so much..
Your eyes have died but you see more than I
Daniel you're a star in the face of the sky"

At that point she finally cried and let it out. Its hard for me to say that story is a coincidence and doesn't mean anything.

Number 2 was recent and something I witnessed. My brother is a drug addict and her and I went up to visit him. We couldn't get ahold of him once we got there and my mom started getting really upset and anxious.

Well, she says she's gonna pray and I flip out. I tell her she's stupid and nobody is listening etc. And she was like "I just need someone who shares my faith to talk to" and I got really pissed at her.

So we sit there in front of this store a few mins... neither of us are talking or crying or anything major we're just sitting there. And this lady walks up to us and goes "you look really sad, do you beed to talk?"

And I kid you not... this lady sits down and tells us she is a faith based addictions counselor. My jaw dropped to the floor when I heard that.

I know these can be written off but I've seen stuff like this happen so many times and its always to people who believe. Maybe believing in something gives it its own power? Thoughts?


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  • The second example doesn't really make my jaw drop. First of all, you live in the US, where there are tons of religious people all over the place. Secondly, many religious christians are into spreading their morals and healing people from what they believe is a "sinful" lifestyle. This naturally includes campaigning against drug use and helping drug addicts get rid of their addiction. And because these kind of people usually don't have an actual, professional education, they just call themselves faith-based drug addiction councelor. Sounds a little better than "I'm shoving my bible down drug addicts' throats and help them get away from their drug addiction in return for believing in the same stuff I believe". Personally, I find these people pretty silly. My mom has worked professionally (as a psychologist and social worker) in a heroin addiction institution for many years and I find it a little stupid that some religious people believe they can do this job too just because they have Jesus.

    As for your first example... that one is indeed a very cool coincidence but still a coincidence. Of course your mom may believe otherwise if that makes her feel better but there is not even a shred of evidence for the existence of a god. That's why I don't believe in a god. I think you have to be careful here not to make the logical fallacy called "argument from personal incredulity". Just because something seems highly unlikely or even impossible to you (or really to any human being), doesn't actually mean it's impossible. Unlikely coincidences exist and they happen all the time. One very famous and crazy coincidence happened in 1974 in Bermuda. A moped driver got hit by a taxi and was instantly killed. One year later, another moped driver got hit by a tax and was also instantly killed. The second moped driver was the younger brother of the first moped driver and they both got hit by the same taxi driver carrying the exact same passenger.

    • She didn't talk to my brother. My brother makes his own bed and he has to lie in. The rest of us have to find our own ways of coping. All I know is it made both of us feel better even tho I am NOT a Christian.

      And why can't personal beliefs be based in personal incredulity? The fact is if there was a definite answer we wouldn't need beliefs. There isn't one. And we all formulate our idea of the world around us from our own experiences, in all aspects. So why not this one?

      I'm always gonna be an agnostic first and foremost because the fact is if you say anything besides "I don't know" in terms of god, soul, afterlife etc (not necessarily the Christian interpretations) you're having faith on some level, because you're giving an opinion on something imperceptible to you.

      Just like dismissing these stories or any like them as coincidence takes faith because it's not an objective reality. Who am I or you to question what someone else believes?

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    • by the way, personally, I hate the idea of an afterlife. I like to think when we die thats it becayse that means my time here matters. But I have no idea. And I never will. So i don't care.

      What I do like to believe in is a deeper interconnectivity between people. I like to believe we're apart of something more than just our own individual lives. So to me, maybe thats what made my mom go to that mall at that exact time... or made that lady slow down to talk to us or whatever.

    • See, I don't understand why beliefs should come in if we don't know something. We don't know if an afterlife exists. fair enough. BUT we can make assumptions. An assumption is not a belief. For example you can say "it is likely that other life exists in the universe". That doesn't mean you believe in it but instead it means you've looked at the pros and cons and decided that it is far more likely that life of some sort exists somewhere else rather than it doesn't. Same thing here. We can't actually know whether an afterlife exists but there's absolutely nothing whatsoever that would indicate its existence. Hence, it makes sense for the current time to assume it doesn't exist.
      I'm not trying to take away your mom's belief. Though I personally find it silly, I recognize that people can believe whatever they want. I just wonder why coincidence is so hard an option to accept for you. Unlikely things do happen sometimes. Why even come up with this whole idea of an afterlife etc?

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  • Confirmation bias goes a long way. Think critically for every moment (not just a second) of your life and you'll realize it's was just coincidence.

  • I say let everyone have their faiths and beliefs, whatever gets them through life, as long as it doesn't infringe upon the rights of others. And I say this as a hard core atheist who was a former Christian.

  • I've made up my mind on that subject. But I'm for whatever helps people get through tough times.

  • no i don't think he exists, but if he did he is an ass

  • I think that was God in both examples


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