Anyone into dream analysis want to take a shot?

Scott is my crush. . I stupidly ended things with him. We rarely talk. Clara is an inside joke.

I had such a lucid dream last night. I knew I was dreaming so I started looking for scott, I was flying and playing and I saw him working in a restaurant (he's actually a manager at one). I ran up to him and he was telling me he was really busy. And I was like no, no, you're dreaming like me, it's ok. He was like, I feel like I can't see you, I'm not sure who you are, and turned around. I hugged him from behind and just whispered, "it's Alyssa, it's Clara, it's Clara." Then like his shirt disappeared (you know, dream logic). He turned around and was looking at me, and I said, "it really is you, isn't it?" And he kissed me, but I could feel it, like it was warm. We mostly just held each other. He had a bracelet on his wrist that started beeping so he took it off and said it didn't really matter if it's a dream. But the beeping kept going so I was like, it might be your real alarm. He was like, "I can get ready here." I told him i didn't think he could. He started fading, I was grabing where he'd been and I was like, "please just don't forget, please remember this."


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  • welcome to the world of lucid dreams. they're cool aren't they?

    the fact that it was lucid means you were in control of your actions (for the most part) and i would analyse this as you are currently missing that level of intimacy in your life. not necessarily with scott, it may just be in general. In fact its all too easy to dream of a person and then interpret that dream as being about them when in reality the dream is about what you're feeling rather than a single person.

    Whats interesting is that he couldnt see you and blindness is often associated with misplaced trust. Did either of you do something which resulted in trust issues?

    lastly, and to keep this short i'll address the bracelet. Bracelets can symbolise control over others or in this case the lack of. for him to remove his bracelet it may symbolise the ending of your relationship. Its almost as if he is removing his shackles which ties in nicely with your opening sentence.

    "Scott is my crush. . I stupidly ended things with him"

    the removal of his bracelet is your realisation that he may have moved on by now.

    just my two cents :D


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