Is my father regressing to childhood?

I ask this because lately (the last few years or so) he's been acting very different.
- he pouts when he doesn't get his way.
- he always needs someone around him even when he's just sitting at home.
- he yells and screams when someone tells him no.
- he gets jealous when a woman or friend takes up time that I could be spending with him.
- he always goes through periods where he gives me the silent treatment for things that don't even matter (I said something 2 weeks ago that he just thought about).

is he regressing? Because he never acted like this until recently.


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  • People have a way of dealing with stress and seeming powerful when it comes in their way.

    However, there comes a time where one begins to break.

    When they do, their weaknesses become impossible not to see.

    I can tell things have been bothering your Father for a long time, but he has probably always been that guy who has been strong. If you really care for your Dad sit down and talk to him. There's something deeper than meets the eye that is really bothering him.

    • I have sat and talked with him numerous times. But in order for him to be happy, it requires everyone in the house to put their lives on hold to please him. That is unreasonable and he's closed minded about it.

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  • Sounds like Alzheimer's.