I don't like my name, is this insecurity?

I don't like my name and want to shorten it legally to my nickname, is this insecurity? Is it unattractive behaviour to girls?


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  • I always use my nickname. Its nice, short and sounds like a real name. Nobody knows my real name. The only time I use it is when social security number is required, such as banks, jobs or tax purposes. Even checks are made out to and endorsed with my nickname.

    It's not unattractive, as long as you don't act insecure, or make a big deal about it. But do mention it at some point. Just don't be annoyed if she actually likes it.

    • But where I am from people don't go by nicknames so yes I thought that changing it legally is the only option here...

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    • Oh I am not sure, I do know being unsure about himself is the most unattractive trait that a man could ever have

    • Lol, you seriously need to get out more. When I get a normally confident, hot guy to be unsure of himself... i think its one of the biggest turn ons I can imagine.

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  • fortunate for you, you can legally change your name.

    • But does it mean I am insecure?

    • I don't know about insecure, its just petty to really worry about so much.

    • I agree but I sometimes think about it all the time because I think it is a really weird name, and where I am from people usually don't use nicknames much

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  • No... If you want change it than do it. But you might have future problems.

  • I wouldn't say it's insecure, my best friend hates her name as well so she goes by her nickname (not legally but still).

    • oh yeah in my country people don't go by short name... so yeah I thought legally changing it is the only option

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