Girls, Is it unfair that women get moral/emotional support and men don't?

Girls feel depressed, everyone wants to help. Guy feels depressed, "nobody wants to be around someone depressed, deal with it".

Girl posts a picture, everyone tries to flatter her and make her feel good. Guy posts a pic, nobody replies because nobody likes unconfident guys or they just straight up say he's not good looking or picks out everything wrong with him.

You know, guys have feelings too. There's a reason why we turn into cold hearted robots, we're not born like that.

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fk delete this question i meant to ask both guys and girls


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  • It's not like that all the time though I get where you're coming from. Until a lot of men come forward and show everyone how detrimental the antiquated unspoken rule of "be a man" is, things will continue this way.

    If a man cries or is depressed, a lot of his brothers will consider him weak and demean him. There are women who would do it as well. But you're not looking at a reason why plenty of women get support when we state we're depressed--there are plenty of people who feel that we're weak and so our needs MUST be taken care of.

    Concerning the guys posting pics, another reason could be that if someone was to give support to the guy, he might take it the wrong way. I've had it blow up in my face ALL the time--and I was simply trying to boost his self-esteem. Not to mention that it seems like women have a "natural" support group where men are "every man to themselves".

    And finally, no. The reason you turn into automatons is not because of other people, but because of YOU. YOU chose that path: do not deflect it as if you had no choice.


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  • Want to know why we get more support? Because we're not too afraid to ask for it. So admit you need help. Then maybe you'll get some

    • ok u got SORT OF A point, I've never asked for help but it's only because I know that nobody will help, I don't want to know that I'll be right. Ignorance is bliss!!

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    • whatever ur completely wrong

    • Rolls eyes. Okay. Bottle it up. Good. Become a self loathing dick. Good.

  • Just don't complain about everything and you'll be fine. Who cares either way.

  • I do think it is unfair and girls are given more support but I also thing anyone with depression faces the same thing. Nobody wants to be around it.

  • No it's not fair

  • I think guys get emotional support from girls.

  • With the depression thing, girls get that too. Or get told to stop being a whiney bitch or being over dramatic etc..

    With the pics, well, that's down to guys acting too thirsty over women and being ridiculous as if it's the first time they'll ever see one. But still, some do still call her out and tell her to stop begging for attention... I mean "attention whore" is a term mainly (maybe even only) used for women, not men.

    Either way, man or woman, emotions are one thing, but nowadays too many just need to grow the fuck up and learn to cope with life just like everybody else did in the past and how many still do. Everybody cries over every little thing these days or they have a bad day and call it depression which is actually quite damaging for people who genuinely have depression.

  • I've always thought that this is extremely unfair, guys have emotions too but it always seems like society wants to say they don't and that they should just "man up"

    • That's how guys go over the edge and start shooting up schools, it really is.