Hair evolution part 2 - what do you think of the hair/beard now?

Old question -

I'm experimenting with styles again and looking for other opinions...

Old look - Hair evolution part 2 - what do you think of the hair/beard now?
New look -
... whatever...

  • Old look
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  • New look
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  • Trim the beard more
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  • Trim the hair more
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  • both C & D trim beard/hair
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  • keep the beard short like that (or go shorter) and let the hair grow back to the old pic.
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Old look is sort of cheating because I was having a really good hair day which I rarely have...
I'm pretty sure I am never going to post another question like this on this site again...


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  • Haircut is no question, trimm the beard around down but keep the moustach and the goatee a bit longer.

    It's like mix and matching clothing, color and pattern on point, whatever but keep your face interesting.

    You should definetly try further.

    Ps: With that long hair, you look like a magician.

    • So you're suggesting that I grow the mustache back like in pic 1 and cut the hair even shorter than what it is in pic 2?

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