Why should I be a feminist?

I have heard this again and agian, that I should be a feminist everything from Emma Watson's invitation to join the movement, to the buzfeed video "I'm a feminist but..." I hate the movement, I hate what they have done to me, and to many other men, I hate the politics that they have lobbied for, and the hate speaches that they are famos for. What possible reason would I have to join the movement? Actually I'll put it this way, until feminism admits the acts that it has done, the wrongs that it has commited, and sincerely uppologizes for those acts, I will continue to fight this movement untill the dictionary definition of feminism is "hate movement" as opposed to "gender equality"


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  • 1. Feminism cannot do anything to you without your cooperation. Feminism has not done anything to any other men unless they were willing partners.

    2. "Feminism" is a label which has a variety of meanings. For some, it is an excuse to unleash their vitriol of hate. For some, it is a wagon on which to hitch a ride, the intended destination being a stronger ego. For some, it is a political vehicle.

    3. "Feminism" would do better if every other spokesman was not a masculine appearing lesbian.

    4. "Feminism" would do better if it was about rights for all people and not just women. Most of what feminists say on that subject is just politically correct pablum intended to appease men.


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  • You shouldn't be one! Number one you don't want to and number two, its all about marketing. They know what the movement actually does, rather than change the behavior they simply change the marketing. Pay some celebrity to promote it, pay a few bloggers to say how great it is, all to distract from the fact they are all about hurting men. Even the popular "feminism means different things to different people" is bullshit because if you support feminism you support the actions of the movement.

    " I will continue to fight this movement untill the dictionary definition of feminism is "hate movement" as opposed to "gender equality" As will I! Even after wards, I probably wouldn't join, as most of the remaining members would still be loyal to the old regime. I love women, and want a truly equal society not one where one sex is at a disadvantage, but we are constantly fed propaganda that is the complete opposite to reality.

  • Everyone that's feminist is sexually frustrated nerd who can't get laid so if you are that lol

  • It's your personal choice, you don't have to be if you don't want to.

    • I know, I just want to hear the arguments for.

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    • I don't want to be a feminist, it's just that the movement is so actively recruiting I wanted to hear their reasoning.

    • Oh, I guess every movement is recruiting all the time, they all love fame :D

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