I think I'm about to have a mental breakdown. Anyone have any coping skills?

I was in therapy but I am temporarily unable to see my counselor

I had a nervous breakdown 3 years ago but it was vocal

But now I think about to have a mental breakdown

I'm unemployed and I can not afford to go to interviews because I have to use my parent's money.

And I do not understand why I still have not met a guy even though I go out in public.

I do not think a guy is entitled to date me

It's just i am attractive, I get told that all the time and I get told that I am cool

And I'm angry because I thought I would have a car, and have the my career figured out by now


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  • You should take a breath and relax for a minute. What are your goals and how do you get there? Ultimately, your parents will help you; if you feel bad, you have to remember that you have a plan to make yourself successful and you can repay them. You can have a mental breakdown, but the problem will still be there. Find someone you trust and get a plan of action so you can get of the hole you are in. As for men, you just have to go to different events, bars, clubs, festivals. Be patient. Life is not a sprint; it's a marathon

    • Well I use to go out to clubs with my friends and the guys only asked out my friend who is already taken

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  • Have you ever considered the possibility that all the things that you want (and you don't have) are not the important ones you should be looking for. Cars, careers, money and boyfriends come and go. What you need to find is what you want from your life. Only then you can start gaining those things. Material things are not the objective, they're the means to accomplish your tasks. Slowly and carefully form an image of the life you want in your head. Just a rough sketch, no unnecessary details. Don't be afraid to make it very different from what you have now and slowly begin to plan how to reach it. When you know what you want, you have a target to reach. But you have to dream big. Wanting a car and job is like a superhero worring about his chores.

    • I want to be happy which is why I was on therapy

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    • Yeah but I thought you're some spoilt bitchy brat, which you're not. I have full faith in you and I'm certain things will get better. All you have to do is let go of the painful memories and let yourself move on. You sound like a wonderful girl. Don't let yourself drown in past long gone. ;)

    • I'm not spoiled at all

  • Kararoke.


  • cool.


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