Why would anybody do this? (steal garbage)?

Ok weird question for a weird situation, I just can't figure out why anyone would do this, it doesn't make any sense! Maybe you guys could think of a reason?

So the story, I was walking my dog in the city park this morning, as I do every day, and somwhere in the middle of the park there was a garbage bag ripped open with all it's contents spilled out on the path.
The garbage looked strangely familiar... So I took a closer look and as it turned out it was mine... I knew I had a bag in front of my door that I was yet to take away and was standing there for quite a while but I live on the second story of an appartment complex a 10 minute walk away from where I found the garbage... I found it very strange so I walked home to check if the garbage bag was still there and surprise surprise it was gone...
So basically someone decided to walk up 4 sets of stairs to where I live, saw my garbage bag (my neighbours had two bags in front of their door too but they were still there...) decided to grab it and then walk 10 minutens into the city park with a very full and heavy garbage bag only to leave it ripped open in the middle of the park?
Why would anyone do this? I just don't get it... Is there anyone who could think of any reason as to why a person would do such a thing?

Oh and something else that may be conected, a view months ago someone also dumped a little bag with garbage in front of my door... which I found very strange too... I left it there for a while but nothing happened so in the end I just cleaned it up... And now this?

Please someone tell me what you think and help me come up with theory's?
I feel very uncomfortable with the idea that someone is messing with me and my garbage it's like wtf why?


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  • Possibly a neighbor who gets pissed that you put your trash outside. Decided to dump it in the park so you'd get a ticket. Odds are your name is somewhere in there.

    A drunk person found it. Who the fuck knows what goes through their heads.

    Someone looking to steal your identity.

    A dog possibly got hold of it.

    So on and so forth.

    • Yeah maybe... But I only share this floor with one neighbor and he does the same (leaving his trash outside for weeks sometimes) he is the only one who would be confronted with it and I doubt he'd get pissed since he does it also..
      I did consider that my name is in there somewhere... I hope. not... :/
      I would have been way too heavy for a dog though... A drunk person maybe but it seems to be targeted at me, why would a drunk person target me? You're right though, who knows what goes through their head...

    • I had a roommate years ago who would always come home with random shit when he was drunk. He'd walk home from the bar and god knows where he'd find the stuff but he always had something.

    • Haha I hope it's something like that then.. Just some drunk bloke who thought it was funny to walk around with garbage...

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  • Either somebody hates you, somebody loves you... a little too much, or somebody wanted to steal your identity.

    • If someone hated or loved me what would that have to do with them taking my trash?

    • Hate you, leaving it somewhere you could get in trouble. Love you, becoming stalkerish and taking your old crap for whatever creepy reason... it's happened to people before.

    • Hmmm okay yeah possibly... Thanks for explaining.

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  • In my opinion, the person who stole your garbage bags, he must be have some kind of fetish? maybe it's a guy , he hope can find some your stuff, Such as clothing or socks or underwear? I think you should put a surveillance camera in front of your door, then you will know who doing this to you and I have no idea why someone messing with you.
    It sounds a creepy stalker want to get something from you.

  • Cute, blonde, lovely.. Definitely someone desperate of my age must be messing with you,
    But I honestly think it's a job of a animal, nobody is stupid enough to play with garbage


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