Which person does he look best with?

So I'm just showing one person with different people and you decide which one they look best with 😄 (Not all of these were actual couples)
(Sorry if the pictures are really big, I'm on mobile)

Shane and Lisa (Shisa)

Which person does he look best with?

Shane and Joey (Shoey)

Shane and Trish (Trane)

There's no GIFS of them kissing so here's a gif of Trish sucking on a bottle

Shane and Drew (Shrew)

(they aren't kissing, they are eating chocolate but close enough)

This is all just for good fun. VOTE AWAY.

  • Shane and Lisa
    Vote A
  • Shane and Joey
    Vote B
  • Shane and Trish
    Vote C
  • Shane and Drew
    Vote D
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  • I love Shane and Lisa. But they are not together anymore.