Do you prefer buying designer items?

personally i just think designer items tend to look way less cheap than knockoffs. i think you often get what you pay for and if you buy something for cheap, like a jacket or wallet, it's going to look cheap. that being said, i will sometimes buy non-designer stuff, but it's still not for a cheap price, because i don't want to pay 20 bucks and have to replace it a month later rather than pay more and keep it longer lol what do you think?

  • yes because they often look less cheap
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  • yes because i like the label
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  • no i think non-designer items can look just as nice, as long as they aren't cheap
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  • no i think even cheap non-designer items can look just as nice
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  • i honestly just don't care
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't value people based on designer stuff. I but whatever looks appeals to me, it doesn't matter if it's designer or not. I do have some brands that I really like though.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on what the "designer" item is. For example, I was willing to spend the money on an Apple computer, not because "hey look at me I'm fancy I have Apple products," but because its a system I like, and I knew that although it was a lot of money upfront it was a good investment because the computer would last years and serve me well.
    I don't need to have a designer coat, I just need a coat that will keep me warm! So I won't buy a designer coat, but I won't buy a super cheap one either. There are non-designer coats that look nice and are good products.
    But sometimes with shirts I will buy the cheaper product because I know in a few months I will want new clothes anyway. I like to change my wardrobe and I wouldn't be able to afford buying new designer clothes all the time, so I buy cheaper stuff and then every few months I go through my closet and donate the clothes I don't want anymore.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly most of us guy can't even tell the difference between designer and not designer. So who you tryin to impress bruh? Yourself? Come back when your good bruh. A woman should not be judged by whether or not she wears label.


What Girls Said 4

  • It depends. Like if I see something that's really cute I'm going to buy it. Not necessarily care about the brand. So if it turns out the item I like is a brand name, then I'll still get it. Otherwise if it isn't I'll still get it.
    Most of my clothes aren't really designed but I can make them look super cute with the way I wear em! :)

  • Yes i do! But I can't afford so I might take up sewing!

  • Me personally, I don't really care.

    If it looks lovely and can withhold the brutal torture it's going to go through once its in my arms, then we are in the clear.

  • I love designer items, and almost everything I own is designer. I mean I dont care, but I like knowing that its real and not fake.