My shorts keep ending up on the floor?

i usually sleep naked, but whenever i sleep with shorts on, i wake up and they're on the floor next to my bed. every fucking time.

what the fuck is going on


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  • What I imagine goes on:
    >be OP, aka Bert Macklin from the FBI.

    >OP puts shorts on
    >OP goes to sleep
    >OP sleeps for some hours
    >OP wakes up partially but not fully conscious yet
    >"What the fuck is going on?" *OP says to himself
    >OP becomes enraged, takes shorts off and throws them on the ground
    >OP feels freedom all over again
    >OP dreams of unicorns and happy things with a smile on face
    >OP awakes next day, confused why shorts or on floor... Yet has a strange warm fuzzy feeling of unicorns, happiness, and newfound freedom


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