What do I do (mackeeper problems) ?

I accidentally downloaded mackeeper and immediately afterwards I deleted it from downloads and emptied my trash. when I was trying to empy my trash, however, it said that something was in the process of copying itself. I pressed skip and my trash was emptied. later, I went online to research on mackeeper and many websites had complicated steps that I didn't understand and apparently I wasn't supposed to do what I did (deleting it). I went to finder, looked up Macintosh HD, then checked in applications, library, and system and did not find any traces of mackeeper.

Im considering moving all of my files and photos into an external hard drive and resetting my mac. Is that unneccesary?

I really don't know much about computers and am getting very paranoid (and the fact that "mackeeper" keeps on autocorrecting itself to "mocker" isn't helping)...


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  • OMG. I did the same thing. I called Apple Support and they had to walk me through it via remote to get it off.