School dance/prom/party - I'll be alone?

So on Friday the 5/02 our school have this huge costume party for all students.
(There will be alcohol and stuff, so it's not your usual school partys!)

Anyways, one of my close friends can't attend, so I don't have anyone to get ready with (this includes drinking and eating together)
I asked my other friend, but she'll get ready with six other girls from my class. The other girls are my friends, but they didn't invite me (which hurt a bit)
I don't want to seem pushy and invite myself, as I feel like that's low, but I feel really left out.

What could I do?


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  • Your school is hosting a party with alcohol? Whoa.

    Yeah, if you feel like it'll be shitty alone, then don't go.
    Or find a guy!

  • Okay just invite me. I'll make all the other dates jelly. No but seriously though people take these kind of social event too seriously. You are there to have fun so enjoy yourself even if you are going alone.

    • It's just quite weird and odd that you come alone. People tend to look down at you and label you like a loner, which I kinda already feel like since no one wants me to join, which makes it really hard to have fun.

    • Well it's not like you have to go. I skipped out on prom a couple times.

  • I would still go and just enjoy myself


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