Why do people always think smart people are 'the bitch'?

Today I went to a group meeting. I did nothing wrong, if anything I had done my part and they were all saying I had put in a lot of work. But when I actually met them, they seemed distant and sort of like, rude.

Neither of them did their parts, which I didn’t call them out on.

Yesterday in class I didn’t say much to them because I was focused on my studies, and they just sat there quietly losing out on the participation marks.

Why does everyone think smart people are bad people? I’m not sure if it’s jealousy or they actually really believe that I’m a bad person.


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  • I find it's usually one of two things, either insecurity or over sensitivity.

    When people are insecure, they sometimes become either jealous of your wit, or they become intimidated because they lack confidence in their own wit.

    Being intelligent often means being direct and blunt, knowing what it is that you are saying with a deliberate certainty. Overly sensitive types sometimes don't see the forest for the trees because they obsess over some detail of what you've said instead of trying to understand the entirety of why you've said it.

    This can also cause them to feel insecure if they have zeroed in on something you've said that they didn't understand, causing them to feel less competent. Because you are the one who said it, and therefore indirectly caused their negative feelings, they might hold it against you.


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  • The subconscious feel of superiority. It sucks but smarties do it too! They don't compliment themselves but maybe they call other people dumb? Those who are truly smart acknowledge this fact, ignore the negativity from others and the opposite.

    • I didn't call them dumb. Do I feel superior... well I sort of am. But I don't purposely try to make them feel bad.

    • Oh yea noted that. Points for you, I definitely have respect for people who don't have need to prove their superiority.

  • Because us smart people don't like when people are stupid so we say how stupid they're being. Then they call girls bitches. Of course there are (many) exceptions as this is not the only reason why people are called bitches. For example: feminists, Hillary Clinton supporters, etc.

    • When I was in class yesterday, I was the only one talking amongst all of them because I actually read the material. But they seemed to hold something against me which I didn't get

  • ether they don't care and they can't understand why you do. or they are hoping you can carry there grade for them with out doing anything

    • I think they don't care, but that doesn't explain the unnecessary resentment

    • The unnecessary resentment you call it could be caused by just about anything. I feel it started long before you got to class that day. one of the reasons I see is your a lot more mature than your peers so they distrust and don't like you. There no real way to change their perceptions of you.
      I don't know if you have ever heard the phrase kill with kindness. What I have found is if someone is mean treat then with kindness because they don't know how to react to it , do to its not the reaction they expect. Then you can see there reaction and watch how uncomfortable they get.
      It only a suggestion

  • I dont exactly see the connection of putting effort into your school equating to being smart.

    • Yeah that's what people who don't put in any effort tell themselves lol

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    • If you base being a sharp person on making a slight typo from fast typing, you really just made a fool of yourself. No point in talking to you any further. Keep wallowing in your perceived superiority. Don't worry though - one day you will learn what humility means. See ya.

    • Right. Fast typing.

      You are a pointless person to talk to and just wasted 5 minutes of my time on this discussion. Do you understand what wallowing even means? You've used it in the wrong context

  • How can a woman be a good person?

    • I have to admit, as madly offensive as this is, it is quite funny for some reason.

    • Woman is the source of disorder...

    • Nah. Women makes everything else in life more interesting

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