How do I improve myself for her?

I am going to travel out of state to see a girl I love and get her back after not being with her for a few years. We are both single, and maintaned contact over the years but had to be apart due to our schooling.
I want to improve myself and give her an unexpected visit... a shocking visit that would take her back and fall for me all over again.
What are somethings I should do?


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  • No one falls for you all over again.
    Sometimes you can show up at someones home and they will realize just how over you they are.
    I suggest you don't do any "pop ups" and tell her that you plan on her coming over. Be honest with her, tell her that you have feelings for her and you would like another shot.

    I would love you to pop up, her to fall in love with you and to end like a fantastic fairy tale. But that isn't reality. You have to look at what's practical and what is not.

    • She has expressed to me that she loves me still and misses me. She always tells me that no guy has loved her and cared about her like I have.
      I just wanna improve myself so she sees me as a better person

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