Gofundme said my account was fraudulent and I'm scared?

They said that they're working with the local police and want me to give my account details etc. And I didn't. I just responded saying I have closed my account and do not intend to use gofundme again and all the money was refunded. I literally deleted everything (even though I know it can be recovered if they really want to) But do you think they will or will they just leave it as there are no more problems


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  • I would contact them and tell them why you had it, before you even cancelled it to be honest. Could be someone trying to close your account down for ulterior purposes.

  • Well.. Why were you trying to raise money in the first place?

    • Well it was originally for charity but nobody would donate so I said it was a funeral and then tons of donations came

    • That was a wrong thing to do. :/ You should send the GFM staff a message where you explain what happened and apologise. Maaaayyybee they'll just forget about it when you say that you are still underaged.

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