How many of you know if 9/11 is an inside job or not?

How many of you know if 9/11 is an inside job or not?

It was an inside job as far as I am concerned.

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Just keep in mind that the twin towers fell at 2x gravitational acceleration for an average speed of descent through its own supporting mass/structure without slowing down but by speeding up as it fell through its own mass/support.

80ft per second for 15 seconds.

54 mph,/86. kpm.

Defying many law's of physics in the process at an astonishing rate.
Also it fell without sufficient resistance and somehow managed to pulverise the concrete.


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  • Can we leave past things in the past maybe?

    • Can we not collapse a steel framed building through its own structure at 60 miles an hour?

      Building 7 the third skyscraper to suffer a global collapse in history that day such as the likes of the twin towers, although that was more of an explosive event, was the first skyscraper to collapse due to office fires, and it did so in 6 seconds, collapsing at over 60 miles an hour at over 3x gravitational acceleration.

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    • We already know, we know that buildings cannot collapse through themselves at even half that speed, and they certainly cannot accelerate as they do so.

    • Years ago yes, but justice never forgets.

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