If a guy takes an undue interest in you does he like you?

So this random guy came up to me and my friend and started chatting us up. I don't mean to be rude, but she is not at all the type of girl I think he would go for.

I remember feeling confused/suspicious, but I didn't react. Anyways, he kept talking to her mainly, (he was sitting beside her), I was on the other end.

The few times I talked to him, he seemed either hesitant or uninterested I couldn't tell. I looked tired and like I didn't want to be there. He also kept staring at my pizza which I clearly didn't want to gobble down and ended up throwing. It made me so uncomfortable that he was doing that.

I wonder what was going on in his head. I thought he had a nice smile. Not that I'd ever tell him


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  • yes he likes you


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