Had a dream that I was running for my life and it was raining spiders, what does this mean?

I was in what seemed to be an endless maze / horror-mansion.

it was nighttime / dark, couldn't see much at all.

I was running with a larger man trying to help him keep up - until it started raining spiders from ceiling.

We couldn't see where they came from, just felt them land on us - and with each swipe at them its as if they bit and tug harder at us like leeches, leaving marks on our skin, big bumps that I could feel and it was painful to rip them off, like ripping off a staple from a paper only it brought pain.

I frantically awoke threw my sheets on the floor ripped off all my clothes and started swatting at my body to see if there were spiders / checked for bumps and checked the ceiling.

Thankfully it was a dream. What in hell does this mean, any ideas?


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  • Don't move to Australia.

    • Lmao. Think I'd die @ age 30 from repeated strokes at massive spider sightings.

    • See. Your subconscious knows.

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  • Well from the facts that you have mentioned in your dream:

    It's possible that in real life soon you will face a major problem or a very serious situation and it will seem to you like there is no possible solution for it, and you won't be able to do anything about that for a long while, the problem will be such that it will be seem insurmountable for you and you will be dealing with that alone.

    It's also possible that you will not get any help, support from others when you need it, so you may be battling that situation alone and so you will experience pain while doing so.

    I mean that's what I can think off, however not all dreams come true but your dream doesn't have any good signs, so I just hope your this dream doesn't come true, I hope this just remains as your dream only.


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  • I had a similar dream, it's cuz of ur fear of spiders, that's what he'll is gonna be like lol

    • my god if hell is our fears then we're fucked

    • I know right! Imagine a land of huge spiders, and tiny little ones everywhere like nests surrounding u, I'd die a million times :/

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  • The larger men represented uncl ben, you're becoming spoderman bruh! Don't be scared, accept this gracious godgiven gift and be happy about it! You're not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve!