What are your hobbies?

My hobby would be Photography. I normally take pictures of nature, but I have taken engagement photos, bridal portraits, family/friends photos, and all that other stuff. I've had some of my work featured in magazines, newspapers, local galleries, and books.

I used to also scrapbook. :-p Been a while though. Cooking is fun too, but I am not restaurant worthy. I experiment with food and create Gluten free creations.

  • Gaming. (What do you play?)
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  • Collecting. (What do you collect?)
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  • Photography-- not taking selfies!!
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  • Cooking/baking/grilling.
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  • Fixing things up-- restoration to vehicles, jack of all trades, etc
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  • Crafting-- woodwork, sewing, etc
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  • Other-- I will specify in the comments.
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  • photography is a good one. do you have a DSLR?

    i ride bikes, play video games, train mt & bjj

    aspiring best sandwich maker in the world

    • Yep. I have a Canon DSLR. I am actually looking for a new camera. I dropped mine and I have to hold the flash up to use it. Haha. Do you photograph as well?

      Oh, nice! You have a diverse set of skills. Not only can you help someone out with a workout, but you can play games, go for a ride, AND fix your own sandwich. Do you do your own laundry snd cleaning? Haha

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    • I honestly didn't think my pictures were very good, but I suppose we all have our own uniqueness and style. I took pictures last weekend for my youngest niece's 1st birthday and a lady came up to me and wanted to see what I captured. She was impressed and asked me to do the same for her daughter's first. I am sure you have personality with yours!

      Man! You are talented! No way you're single. Haha.

    • We definitely have our own taste that makes everything about us unique in fashion. Otherwise, everything would be the same, and the world would be so dull. Everyone has a bit of their own to bring a new perspective into the beauty. That's really cool that someone else recognized your work and wanted the same for their own daughter.

      I choose to be single for now :P

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  • I like to read (reading Molokaʻi by Alan Brennert and will read Call of the Wild next), go on hikes around my house, swim in the ocean or lake, cook, watch tv (Les Revenants, GOT, and Shameless), go to museums, play with dogs (mine passed so I play with my friends' dogs and take them for hikes), and play soccer. I want to learn the ukulele and get into yoga this summer. School has me too busy right now though. Something to look forward to :)


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  • I already mentioned it on another question: I like to watch these:
    ... and to fly these:

  • I picked gaming. I play whatever I have at the moment. Currently, I'm playing Fallout 4. I also like politics and screwing around with computers.

  • Photograpghy (I shoot a Canon 5D2), getting into astrophotography, baking (Pizza is an art :) ), gun collecting and target shooting and before it was woodworking.

    • Awesoms. What were the last few woodworking projects you made?

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    • Wow! That's really neat. I bet your son liked it.

    • He did. I took them down as he grew up though. He is at collge today, hehe. I saved the animals for grandchildren perhaps :D

  • Play guitar and piano


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