Which group of women do black women get along better with?

  • White Women
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  • Latina Women
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  • Middle Eastern Women
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  • Asian Women
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Most Helpful Girl

  • What an odd question. I suppose maybe white women because we have the most similar backgrounds. Not to say our backgrounds are very similar but both cultures identify as thoroughly American where as Latinas and Asians have other cultures they identify with that black and white people see as other.

    Asians are horribly racist against black people so I think that is more often not to work.

    Hispanics way of speaking and tendency to rudely speak in Spanish in mixed company quickly alienates others. I know some people here are probably going to jump on me for saying it is rude when Spanish speakers converse in Spanish when four people are having a conversation and one or more don't speak the language, but it's true.

    It is rude when a person speaking any language does it. In college I worked at a Thai restaurant and the owner always got on to his girlfriend for trying to do this infront of me and my friend when it was slow.

    I also had a friend one time that kept insisting on speaking to me in French infront of a German friend when the only language we all shared was English and it really pissed off my German friend and made me feel really uncomfortable. I kept telling my other friend in Wnglish what the other person was saying but it made her feel really excluded.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Black people in general seem to get along more with Latin people.

    • Just any race other than white, I will add.

    • lol dude stop

    • @Afrochick What's the matter? The poll even says so.

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What Girls Said 2

  • People generally get along with other people who share the same views and beliefs as they. But then again, I believe that mutual respect is what matters the most when it comes to any kind of relationship. Race, color and tradition doesn't matter that much if people are more tolerant and mature both mentally and emotionally.

  • Latins and Middle Eastern Women.. Nothing but love for them 😘❤


What Guys Said 1

  • that is such a simplistic view on the world

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