Who wants to show me his?


Don't be pervy. ;]
I really want to see what y'all cook and eat. I may need some new ideas.

This is what I made: kale, mushrooms, sweet peppers, & salmon. Yummo.Who wants to show me his...?


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  • I made homemade -- completely from scratch -- chicken and vegetable soup. It has chicken, celery, onion, roasted garlic, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms.

    Okay, so the pic isn't gonna end up in Food & Wine magazine or anything, but still, the soup is delicious.


    Tonight I'm making gluten-free cornbread with jalapeños. No pics of that one yet.

    • Whaaaat? Gluten free stuff? Man. How are you making the cornbread? I may need that recipe...

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    • Haha, the pretzels are that good! Certified girlfriend approved.

      I'm imagining a pretzel commercial now in the same vein as those obnoxious Axe body spray commercials. Dude walks down the street with box of pretzels in hand; dude opens box; the sound of the box opening beckons hoardes of women, who mob him; "BUY HANOVER."

    • Hey, that might not be a bad idea. You should totally pitch that idea to the company. :-p

      I can see guys carrying these bags around. Definitely should have a warning label. Looks like you need to be careful!

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  • damn that looks effin' deliciousness.

    mine looks really bland so its not picture worthy but its just basic healthy meals

    ground turkey and a bit of potato. i forgot my veggies D:

    • What? You forgot the veggies? Unacceptable.
      Ground turkey is so good. Did you just brown it or did you make it into a patty of something? What kind of seasoning do you use?

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    • Could be. Bet y'all don't have a Piggly Wiggly, huh? Lol

    • omgee no but I know what that is! lol!

  • I made this the other day, but this is just a picture I stole from the internet :p


    • Looks scrumptious. What exactly is it? Looks like cocoa on top and some sort of cream or frosting.

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    • I do like coffee and chocolate! I might have to make it myself. I can't have flour, wheat, etc, etc.

    • You should! It takes a bit of work and a few trials of tampering until you make it just how you like it to come out. I would suggest making the lady fingers yourself as well (the bread part of the cake) because it comes out much better

  • I ate vol au vent (chicken & small meatballs in a white sauce) with croquettes :D
    Yum yum yum!

    Vol au vent:


  • That looks really good. I just made this like an hour ago at my job.


  • Cockmeat sandwich?


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