How much does it usually take to fix a scratch or two on a car?

Accidentally bumped someone's parked car... it's a few years old... put a light scratch or two on the back of it. I'd rather not go through insurance and just pay myself and I'm going to be getting the estimation soon. How much is a normal price to fix something like that? I want to know so the car owner doesn't try to screw me over with a crazy price.

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  • Depends a lot on the location of the scratch and the type of paint on the car. I have this tri-colour paint on my car, with little specks of different colours to give it a bit of a metallic sheen, and it cost me $900 to get a scratch repainted because they had to do two full panels. Such a pain in the ass. Someone door dinged me a few months after getting it repainted and the scratch from that is still there because I'm not paying to repaint it again and it'll screw up my insurance premiums if I make a claim.

    So yeah, it can get pricey. It will depend more on the paint than the model of car.


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  • I am really don't talk car. hahah I usually ask my dad or my step-dad or basically a mechanic who friends with my mom. hahah I am clueless about these things!


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  • honestly, a picture would help a lot.

    it will mainly depend on how many panels of the car have been damaged. if the scratches are located on 1 panel, it will be cheaper. This is because if they have to paint over the scratches, then they have to paint the entire panel, which is time, and time is money friend.

    • The car owner did say it would have to be in the shop for 2 or 3 days.

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    • The scratches look like this cars' by the way, though the one I hit has em on the rear bumper and take up a much smaller area

    • the picture helps a lot

      yeah thats not gonna be an easy job. they're gonna have to buff, prime, and repaint the entire panel. its gonna be costy.

What Girls Said 1

  • I spent $350 on some dudes BMW that I scratched in the college parking lot.

    • Aw crap. Does the fact that her car is a used one that's a few years old make a difference?

    • And an extremely cheap Toyota?

    • Maybe. You gotta talk to the mechanic.

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