I really need support!! ?

So I have lost a friend Wednesday January 27th. Its been 2 days and I am really heartbroken. I had never lost anybody, ever.. till now. Well, I told my parents and they are not being supportive at all. My step dad does not speak to me at all, and doesn't even ask if I am okay when he has seen me cry. My mom makes me do chores when I am honestly not in the mood. She even snaps her fingers if I go slow. She asks me ''whats wrong?'' like she doesn't know. She doesn't give me advise. No one does. Only my very best friend. But I honestly need an opinion of why they are being like this. When I told my step dad, he was like ''he died? Oh well'' I am going nuts

He died. He had an accident with his horse. He was 16. He was on a coma since pass Saturday..


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  • The only thing you can do, is celebrate the life he lived. and just realize the life is very short, and make the most of it. being sad and depressed is not going to help anyone, all your doing is holding yourself back.

    Sorry to say, but there is nothing you can do for him now, he has gone, left this earth. death is for the dying, and life is the living. There is one thing no one can take away from you, is that you will have memories of him. So that is something to treasure.


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  • Yep I know that feeling
    Can't really do anything about it until you find someone who understands cause you can't make someone support you :P

    • They are my parents. it's kind of their job to be ther, specially during this situation. It's the first time I suffer this.

    • I suffer from this since a long time 😊
      Still they don't understand me
      Maybe your parents would understand you if you'll talk about it

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