How do I stop worrying?

So you ever go through your day, everything is fine and you're just going with the flow of things? But then you hear something that upsets you and you just keep obsessively worrying about it?

Well that's what's been happening to me lately.

I can go on for weeks not worrying about something. But then my mind starts to wander or something and I start to worry about something I shouldn't be right now.

The biggest one is what is going to happen when I die? Now I like to belive in life after death and that can get me out of it, but then I'll start to wonder what am I going to do with my life?

And now I'm up here wondering what I'm going to do after College when I'm not even enrolled in one yet.

You see where I'm getting with this? I know that these things are out of my control and I shouldn't worry but I just can't stop.

Anyone got any way to help?


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  • In a lot of ways I was the same way. The fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. It's ok to set goal for your life but since the future is unknown they should be fluid.
    This is only a suggestion , have 2 set of goals one short turn (like you going to school) those should be less flexible but then a long term goals for after school that are more flexible.
    As you get closer to finishing school then shift the long and short turn goals to accommodate the changes that will be happening in your life.

    • I can do that, like driving and getting a job are my short term and long term is college and career.

    • Your definitely on the right track