How do you learn to be happy alone?

I've had bad relationships and been abused so I am trying to learn to be happy alone as the expression goes, "you can't be happy with anyone else if you don't learn to be happy alone"

but how do I achieve that? I'm single for a few months and I'm ok it's the first time I haven't bounced to someone, but I'm still longing for love.


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  • Learn to love yourself.
    Watch videos on how to get over a breakup.
    Read books that are for self evaluation.
    Watch videos on YouTube about gaining confidence.
    Find a new hobby that you've never tried before.
    Go into strange restaurants or shops and discover new things! :)


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  • I would try to look for an activity that you really enjoy and which gives you a sense of accomplishment. This helps build your confidence. The most important part is that you dont want your happines to be 100% dependant on somebody else. It isn't bad that you are still longing for love. That is perfectly natural just dont let it become all that matters. If a relationship hits a rough patch and believe me they do. You still want to have something that can cheer you up.

  • Be able to self entertain


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