Girls, would you completely shave your hair off for one of these choices?

Would you compeltely shave all your hair off your head for one of these choices knowing you would have no ability to wear a wig, or scarves, or hats or anything else on your head for an entire year.

  • Personal chef service for a year
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  • Birthday party with a celebrity of your choosing
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  • A brand new cell phone
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  • A new puppy or kitten of your choosing
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  • $500 Amazon gift card
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  • I would not shave my head.
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  • Puppy or kitten (assuming that everything I need to care for it properly will be provided)

    I'd shave my hair just for the fun of it. If I can get a friend out of it then that's even better!


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What Girls Said 3

  • None of these things are worth it.

    HOWEVER, if shaving my head made it so Trump was forever banned from running or becoming president, hell yeah put me in that chair and shave it off pronto.

  • Nope, so not worth it for ANY of that.

  • I like to cook my own food, I would rather people who care about me be with me on my birthday, I don't need a new phone, I'll get my own pet, and I can make my own money to buy stuff on Amazon. So I'll keep my hair!